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Diet & Nutrition

You are what you eat


For your wedding occasion, it’s in fact the ‘feel good’ entity that we ensure throughout your bridal journey. Good health and nutrition should be a lifestyle, than a preparation for an occasion in life. We focus equally on the Grooms’ preparation to their wedding day. Recommending healthy routines with the meal plan according to your body type and with minimal alterations to your lifestyle is our goal.


BrideUp’s certified nutritionist would perceive your priorities, be it slimming, building or toning, that makes way to make you look great and get fit. The practical understanding of the timeline that it would take for you to achieve the goal has to be best realised with the support of professionals in diet and nutrition along with our best recommended lifestyle gym partners and personal trainers across the city. If your preference is to alternate cardio we have vast options that will be discussed with you by our consultants on “one on one” basis.

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