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Skin / Hair Care

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Care for skin and hair is an ongoing routine, the understanding of its importance are often realised when there is an occasion or when we care less and the results abduct us. Men’s skin is definitely to be handled with care and practical understanding. Their skin more prone to challenges as not many men are diligent in following the routines a dermatologist advices. Our consultant will suggest you the best option weighing the lifestyle you have and ensure that you have the freshness sustained throughout. Taking the right decision on your hair cut, hair colour, side burns, moustache or beard is now a step above than usual.


We design the look from head to toe, assessing your bone structure, literally taking the time to make you see why a look is suggested. We bring to you the aesthetic salon partners and clinical partners who are certified to deliver the best for men’s grooming from manicure, pedicure to skin cleansing, with our wide range of natural or advanced clinical approach to grooming options. Just ease your mind off the stress of the ‘how?’ and ‘when?’, our expert consultants are right here to suggest, all that you need for the all-new prince charming look to perfectly sync with your Bride’s preparation.

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