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Wedding Trousseau

At the end of the day, its the bride who makes the dress.


The next meticulous agenda that crops up your mind should be your wedding trousseau. We know, it’s quite natural to stagger on where to start and where to end. To pick the best of the best is indeed the choice of every Bride. We firmly go with it and our expert team will facilitate you all through, to hand pick the best to incarnate you head to toe on every occasion that goes with your big day. Not only to hand-pick from the top designers across the country as per your choice but we could customize and create it too, to craft you a wonder to perfectly compliment your elegance with your Groom, be it traditional or western or inter-cultural combos or hybrid themes, whatever you choose to, we make sure to Bride you Up with versatility fully loaded.

You will experience a tasteful proposal and assistance with an aesthetic plethora from sarees, shararas, anarakali , suits, lehangas, beautiful gowns and anything that we could offer you do in creating an off-beat garment completely out of the box. Accessories, the basic absolute necessaries, fancy lingerie, footwear, clutches to endless preferences of yours for your D-Day, we know how important it is to make you feel comfortable and make sure you don’t miss any bit of a fantastic Bride. Let’s Bride you Up to steal the sights of your guests with your amazing guise as a couple on your Dream Day! And secretly make your Groom skip his heartbeat yet again!!

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